DAS Mission

At DAS we set out to update the abaya, making it a fashion statement whilst always respecting its heritage and traditions. With our designs we aim to empower the women who wear them, giving them confidence and enabling them to be both stylish and conservative at the same time. DAS offers its varied and valued international clientele a guarantee of exceptional quality, exclusivity and attention to detail in every garment created, and we not only reflect the latest fashion trends but we set them too.

DAS Vision

Our vision was defined early on: to create a ‘must-have’ black dress combining the most up-to-date fashions with the historical aspects and respectful nature of an abaya. So far this vision has been brought to life by establishing the DAS signature cut as our defining garment, appearing in many different colours, fabrics and forms in each of our collections. We now hope to establish DAS further on a global stage and make our designs more internationally recognisable and available, giving women the opportunity to dress modestly and elegantly in the latest trends.

DAS Beginnings

The DAS story began as a labour of love. To cater to our own personal styles we would design our own abayas to wear to events and social gatherings, and it wasn’t long before they were getting noticed. The number of enquiries as to where we got our abayas from quickly opened our eyes to a real gap in the market, which we decided to fill. Soon the word of stylish DAS abayas spread further afield and before we could even catch our breath we were receiving orders from all over the world.

DAS Inspiration

We are constantly inspired by the environment around us, and all the things we see and experience on our travels around the world. From London, Paris and New York to Brazil, Peru and the Maldives, we can find inspiration in other landscapes, cultures and arts. However our deep-rooted inspiration comes from our rich traditional heritage here in the UAE, and we can find beauty in everything that God created.

DAS Social Responsibility

We have a strong desire at DAS to give back to the world, and thus we support many charitable activities including the Dubai Ladies Club Donate Your Bag & Accessories Annual Charity Campaign, the Dubai Foundation for Women & Children, the Dubai Cares 2010 Project, Symphony’s L’Officiel Charity Face of Africa Auction and the Pink Polo Event.

DAS Awards

H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Awards for Best Businesswoman for the Year and Best Design Business - 2008
Dubai Fashion Week 2010 – Best Traditional Wear
Harper’s Bazaar Best Dressed 2010